Happy Plaidurday!

The Worldwide Celebration of Plaid

Plaidurday is the worldwide celebration of plaid. It occurs annually on the first Friday of October. There are lots of ways to celebrate! With plaid we can all make a positive impact in the world.

A Brief History

It all began in Lansing, Michigan. In part, it was inspired by the heckling one young man received from his co-workers. These co-workers (who he secretly has great admiration for) noticed that he was wearing plaid quite frequently. At which point we ask, what else would he wear? Solid colors? Polka dots? Stripes that don’t intersect? Argyle?  Sounds foolish.

On the morning of August 26, 2010, an epiphany was had. Plaidurday! The word came to this young man’s mind. From where, nobody knows. But perhaps there is a higher being who happens to love plaid just as much as he does.

The part-ginger, full-Yooper, plaid-wearing man was destined to create the greatest holiday that ever existed. Plaidurday: The Worldwide Celebration of Plaid.

This day would bring together all the wonderful plaid-wearing people of the world.

The inaugural celebration took place on October 7, 2011. And forevermore the first Friday of October will be dedicated to plaid.

Mark your calendars!

You can never plan too far in advance. Past, present and future Plaidurday dates.

10 Ways to Celebrate Plaidurday

  1. Take a photo in your plaid and share with #plaidurday so we can see all your beautiful faces
  2. Give a high five to others wearing plaid
  3. See someone wearing polka dots? Encourage them to try some plaid
  4. Help others in need by donating clothes to shelters and second hand shops
  5. Give lots of compliments. They’ll see your plaid and think, “Gosh, people who wear plaid are really nice!”
  6. Bake plaid cookies, cakes, and other tasty treats
  7. Make plaid crafts, Plaidurday cards, and let your creativity shine
  8. Give the gift of plaid to friends and family
  9. Organize a staff or classroom photo
  10. Look good, feel good, and spread some cheer, because we’re all connected by a common thread