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The Worldwide Celebration of Plaid

October 2, 2015

What Plaid Can Do For You

This post is by Khalid, one of Plaidurday’s best friends. He is a true brethren in plaid. In addition to plaid, Khalid loves photography and epidemiology. Check out some of his work, Eat Pomegranate Photography.

Almost a year ago, my door bell rang, I opened my front door and was greeted by a perfectly folded plaid red flannel from my dear friend Bugsy (your Plaidurday founder). He got a matching shirt for himself because that is what friends do; they buy matching clothes. This shirt is my absolute favorite article of clothing . . . ever. If Bugsy is ever wearing this shirt it is likely that I am wearing it too because I have worn it for nearly every day in the last year. I wear it as soon as I get home from work; I wear it on warm days; I wear on chilly days; I was wearing it on New Year’s Eve and New Years Day; I wear it unwashed and I wear it clean. Wearing the combination of plaid flannel should be the definition of comfort.

It is hard for me to describe what plaid flannel can do to a person. With the aid of a few of photographs I am going to describe what plaid flannel can do for YOU.

A state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint

Things that contribute to physical ease and wellbeing

Prosperity and the pleasant lifestyle secured by it

Consolation for grief or anxiety


I hope you will be wearing your favorite shirt on Plaidurday. I will see you there in mine.

Plaid and be well.

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