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The Worldwide Celebration of Plaid

October 2, 2015

Plaidurday 2011

The inaugural worldwide celebration was a success! It was exciting, colorful, and full of crosshatch with over 1,300 people participating, from as far away as Singapore. I’m amped for Plaidurday 2012 which will be on Friday, October 5.  It’s never too early to put it in your calendar or start seeking out that perfect plaid.  Below are some highlights for for Plaidurday 2011.

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Our Favorite Tweets

horizontal stripes…CHECK. vertical stripes…CHECK. Yay, @plaidurday!!! – @alicerossignol
Headed to bed after rocking out a most excellent Plaidurday. – @JavaCorey
We Scots call @plaidurday “Friday”. #Liberté – @JPowers155
I feel a bit like a lumberjack today with my #plaidurday plaid on. – @urbaneplanner
Noooo! Today was Plaidurday and I didn’t wear my kilt =( – @JJeezy93

A Few Blog Posts

Plaidurday by The Citizen Rosebud
How to Celebrate #Plaidurday by Corals + Cognacs
Happy Plaidurday! ♥ by Jade Isabelle
Today is Plaidurday by Any Second Now

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Photos, Photos, Photos!

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