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The Worldwide Celebration of Plaid

October 2, 2015

Together we can all make a difference in the world. From cowboys to lumberjacks, fashionistas to snowboarders, and everyone in between, we all share a common thread. For some it’s glen plaid, for others a traditional tartan. Some prefer a monochrome gingham, others choose a bold buffalo, while some choose a madras.

No matter the thread count or the stripe count, we share a bond of perpendicular stripes. You won’t find any argyle here. No obtuse angles, no acute angles, only right angles.

How you can Celebrate Plaidurday

  • Wear plaid of course!
  • Hug someone who is wearing a plaid shirt
  • Dig out old clothing and donate to someone in need
  • Give someone a plaid shirt
  • Compliment someone else’s plaid
  • Encourage someone wearing argyle to try  plaid
  • Encourage someone wearing only horizontal stripes to try adding vertical stripes
  • Make somebody a homemade Plaidurday card
  • Look good, feel good, and spread happiness and joy!

Host a Plaidurday event

  • Organize a clothing drive for those in need
  • Plaid Plan a plaid-wearing bar outing
  • Throw a party!
  • Bake plaid cookies, brownies, or a cake and bring them to work
  • Organize a plaidtastic photo